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Who We Are And What We Are Set Out To Accomplish

Liftoff Learning is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides students, educators, and local communities with the tools and resources to pursue STEM careers through mentorship and educational enrichment programs in the foundational concepts of aviation.

We provide a personalized experience for every student.

Through a mixed-media approach to teaching, each student can learn according to their own strengths and personal objectives.

Interactive Content

Courses integrated with miniature quizzes, aviation videos, and detailed diagrams

Hands-On Learning

Opportunities to build lab kits through detailed instructions and video tutorials

Airport Demonstrations

Airport days allowing students to climb in the cockpit and become pilots for the day

A Team Dedicated to Inspiring the Next Generation of Aviators

Kyle Johnson

Executive Director

Kyle joins the Liftoff Learning team bringing his experience in both aerospace engineering and general aviation. Growing up in a military family, Kyle was fascinated with flying from a young age, inspiring him to pursue his passions academically and recreationally. Kyle is both excited and passionate about delivering aviation resources and opportunities to youth in hopes of inspiring the pursuit of higher education. He now lives and works in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area as a technology consultant.

Jordan Ambers

Director of Content and Learning

Jordan’s lifelong love for Aviation started when his Grandfather took him for his first flight in a small airplane at age 8. That experience snowballed into beginning flight training at age 14 and pursuing numerous FAA certifications afterwards. While studying for his BS in Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech Jordan operated a flight school where he taught ground and flight training to students of all ages. He is currently an engineer working in Richmond, VA and is excited to share his passion to help inspire the next group of leaders in the fields of aviation and engineering.

John Kelley

Director of Operations

John has been eager to give back to the education community since his graduation from Loyola University Maryland in 2014. He serves as a mentor to current and former students in Loyola’s business school pursuing careers in finance, but desires to volunteer his time and expertise to students that need it the most. While John is not a pilot, his background is quantitative in nature, and he hopes to enable students to pursue their dreams of flight. John is currently a consultant working and living in Baltimore, MD.

Thomas Lawler

Director of Community Engagement

Thomas’s fascination with aviation began on a flight at a young age when he got to sit in the cockpit and got his first pair of wings from the pilot. He brings over 5 years of experience working with non-profits. Joining the Liftoff Learning team has enabled Thomas to find a connection between his passion to give back to the community and the wonders of aviation. Thomas lives outside Washington DC and works as a technology consultant.

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